Never Stop Moving

John Jones’ second solo album was released on 4th September 2015 and is available for sale online via Oysterband’s shop.

NeverStopMovingJohn says: “This is the album I have been making (alongside “Diamonds on the Water”) for the past three years, with many of the songs honed and fully realised on our walking tours the length and breadth of this beautiful, curious and contradictory country in search of the haunting stories that hide beneath the surface.

Inevitably my own story at the end of last year became mixed up with it and, for me, what I always thought of as my English folk album of big songs from small stories became an expression of my own ‘revival’. The last song to arrive, “Never Stop Moving”, seemed to capture that. I am moving again and somehow my voice just gets stronger…and for that I am just bloody grateful. Stay strong out there. Best, JJ”

NEVER STOP MOVING…Big songs from a small country…

The album features the Reluctant Ramblers: Rowan Godel, Tim Cotterell, Lindsey Oliver, Dil Davies, Benji Kirkpatrick, Boff Whalley and Al Scott (who also produced the album).

There are also contributions from guest musicians including Oysterband’s Alan Prosser and Adrian Oxaal.

John talked with Boff Whalley about the album and some of the stories behind the songs in a video set in beautiful countryside near the Welsh border:

Reviews (click on each to read in a new tab/window):

A 4-star review from Robin Denselow in the Guardian

The review from Bright Young Folk and another from Folk Radio

An in-depth review of the album in FATEA from Ken Brown

See a couple of other reviews posted on Johns’ Facebook page

4 thoughts on “Never Stop Moving

  1. Hi John, played Never Stop Moving on the radio show today. In Maryland all October otherwise would have joined you for some/all of the walk in the Northern Lakes…..but off to be with son as grandchild on way…making Dad (Peter Smith) a great-grandad twice in about 6 months! Will hitch up with you and the RR’s or Oysters in the next few months and say hi…if we can get him in the right geographical location (and/or pub) will bring him along too!! Have a great walk and events…Hope you are maintaining fine health. Best wishes to all. Paul

  2. Hi John, I love the new album, and one track has a particular meaning for me that I wanted to share with you. the song is She Wrote Her Name.

    I work for Oxfam, mostly here in the UK but I travel to Senegal regulalrly now and spent some time in Sierra Leone a few years ago.

    Sierra leoone is one of the very poorest countries in the world. And one of the most unequal places for women. 74% of women are illiterate. Traditionally families do not see the value in educating girls.

    Oxfam had been working with women who wanted to get more involved in decision making and politics. The project was called Raise Her Voice, and we had helped several women gain positions on local councils for example.

    I met one woman who had been elected to her local council, with support from Oxfam.

    She turned up every week to council meetings and when she had to sign for her expenses, being unable to write, she had to mark an X. She was mocked by male councillors every week for two years.

    Then one day, having taken secret literacy lessons, she turned up and signed her name.

    In those two years she was instrumental in the reopening of a local primary shcool and the opening of two health clinics.

    I have never met a braver person. She wrote her name!

  3. Anything planned for 2021/22?
    Martin(Artist) will be 80 in Jan 22 and I can’t think of a better or more uplifting present.

    Best wishes.

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