Return to the Ridgeway

JJ got back into his stride – 6 / 7 / 8 June

John Jones and the Reluctant Ramblers took to the ancient pathways of England for a short 3 days walking / gigging tour of The Ridgeway, starting at the iconic stone circle at Avebury and walking east to the Thames Valley at Goring with gigs in Marlborough, Wantage (a session) and Nettlebed.

JJ says “This is one of my favourite paths in England and we re-trace the steps of our White Horses walk in 2012 passing the Uffington White Horse. There was a time when I thought this might not happen this year so it will feel very special. I hope I can make it with your help“.

Many regular walkers joined us to celebrate John’s return to walking. Details of the walks can be found here. Please see below for details of the gigs.

In case you are wondering why 2015 marked a change of pace for JJ and the Reluctant Ramblers….

… at the end of  a fantastic year of walking and gigging, 2014 had a nasty sting in the tail when John was diagnosed with bowel cancer.  Luckily his 2nd solo album was finished just in time.  John is recovering well and, after the short Oysterband tour in March, he is now getting ready for the Big Session in May.

John’s new album “Never Stop Moving” was released in time for the Shrewsbury Festival at the end of August

The Big Session was in Buxton on Saturday 2nd May. JJ led a walk on the Sunday morning and together with Ian Telfer and Alan Prosser took part in a lunchtime session.

The gigs on the June walking weekend were:
Saturday 6th June: Marlborough Folk Roots — see

Monday 8th June: Nettlebed Folk Club — see


8 thoughts on “Return to the Ridgeway

  1. We’ll be at Buxton, but so sorry are booked and away for the June walk. Never mind, just to know John’s on the mend is the most important thing. Paul, Lyn and Albert.,

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  3. Coming to Buxton in May with husband, son and his wife, really looking forward to it. Glad your getting on your feet again JJ X

    • meet JJ at the Opera House forecourt just before 11am for a walk around the town and up to the vantage point of “Solomon’s Temple” to view Buxton and the surrounding hills. Back by 1pm for the session

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