Walking and music in the Lakes 2019

Over 50 ramblers walked and many more enjoyed the music. The weather caused a change of the walks that were planned for both Friday and Saturday. It did shine Saturday afternoon to give fine views from High Rigg.

Before the weekend, JJ wrote: “Our weekend in the beautiful North Lakes is coming up. 3 Days of great walking and music. You are all welcome but REMEMBER – THIS IS THE LAKES -and it does help if you have some experience of walking in the fells and a degree of fitness. If our walks seem too demanding there are plenty of other easier walks to do and fantastic scenery to lose yourself in. We will all be together in the evenings.

As all the regular walkers know, we are not a guided tour party but are there, like you, to enjoy walking and music and being together in astonishing landscape. Please look after yourselves, bring the right gear, carry what you need but not too much and make your own arrangements for lifts (except on the Friday). Any doubts please ask.” Email contact via info@jj-rr.org

The walking for the first half day went as planned:

Thursday September 26th

Walkers met at the Castlerigg Stone Circle, our usual meeting place. They started walking at 3.00pm.

The walk went south towards A591 then east to the Youth Centre between High and Low Rigg. Then along the footpath to Threlkeld Bridge and on to Threlkeld Golf Club for an informal gathering, a session, songs from the choir, good beers, good food, and glorious views.  Stewart from the Golf Club provided a lovely pie and pea supper with a cheese and onion pie as veggie option.

As well as music from JJ and the RR band, other walkers played and sang. The choir, led by Rowan Godel, sang Every Brick by Ali Burns. Here is a segment of the song:

As it was over 10 years and over 1000 miles since John and Colin first took a group of reluctant ramblers walking, they were each presented with a memento – a 3D crystal of a photograph of the two of them taken at the end of completing over 1000 miles in 10 years of reluctant rambling.

Colin & John with their 3D crystals.
Photo by Mike Clark

The 3D crystal.
Photo by Mike Clark

Friday September 27th

The walk was meant to be BLENCATHRA, a walk for everyone. The clouds came down and it was too risky to take a large group up the top of mountain. Instead, we met as planned at the Threlkeld Village Hall Coffee Shop which opened for us. We left the coffee shop with lifts to Mungrisdale.

The walk followed the Gleneranackin valley upstream behind Blencathra. The rain came down so discretion took the better part of valour and rather than continue towards the summit, we walked over Mousthwaite Comb and down to Scales for a welcomed lunch stop at the White Horse Inn.

Most of the group then followed the path behind the pub along the base of Blencathra to Threlkeld, which unexpectedly proved trickier than going over the top! The four Gills all presenting their own challenge!! For the 20 brave souls who weren’t wet or worn out enough an extra mile was added from Blease Gill to Middle Row Farm and back to the Horse and Farrier.

8.00pm  Ceilidh and Concert in Threlkeld Village Hall with JJ and the RR, Rowan Godel and the Choir

Saturday September 28th

The walk planned was the COLEDALE HORSESHOE. However, the weather was still uncertain so instead we enjoyed a whole days walking down St John In The Vale. At Low Bridge End Farm we met a very large and smelly billy goat which provided much amusement and the days pantheistic moment!! A 100m ascent up Sticks Pass led to a delightful path that took us to the King’s Head at Thirlspot for lunch. After a well-earned break we walked back over High and low Rigg. The sun came out during the afternoon giving fine views of the north lakes and Blencathra.

8.00 was the concert with JJ and everyone.