Welcome to all ramblers and music lovers. We’ll be adding more information here as plans develop, and John will be blogging during the tour itself. Please feel free to leave your own comments, ideas and suggestions!

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Oh John, I live in Swindon [for my sins], I’ll be at Avebury to buy you a pint – tho maybe you’ll be wanting an orange juice and lemonade first to quench your thirst, so we’ll buy you your second pint of ale…

    The Red Lion is a great pub, lots of room to sit outside in the sun, facing the Stone Circle, or inside if the weather is hideously wet [which it won’t be cos the sun shines on the righteous does it not?].

    See you there…

    Jan x

  2. John, Just read the bit about your Symbolic Walk from Leicester to Derby – best of luck and don’t forget your sunscreen!

    I am reminded of the imprtance of sunscreen cos on the radio at the mo is “Everybody’s Free [To Wear Sunscreen]” by Baz Luhrman and I urge, nay implore, you to listen to it as it is the Ultimate Guide To Life, The Universe and Everything. So many great lyrics but perhaps one of the best is along the lines of:: “When you need to get someone to listen to you, if you would get their ears, you must first get their eyes”.

    John, You and the other Oysters get our eyes every time and you most definitely have our ears cos we just sing so loud when you lot are doing your thing, either live or on CD. Roll on June 15th – take care of yourself whilst rambling around……

    Much love,

    Jan [Swindon]

  3. John, what time are you setting off each morning – 11.30 as for the first leg? I might be able to join you briefly [dodgy knees prevent far afield rambling] around the Avebury/Pewsey areas…. with Kendall Mint Cake. And chocolate.And blessed silence.

    Jan x

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