Calling past walkers!

Have you come along for any of John’s previous walking tours? What was it like? Do you have any advice for people thinking of joining us for any part of this year’s walk?

3 thoughts on “Calling past walkers!

  1. If you consider walking the White Horse trail with John Jones, I can only say do it! You can be sure to walk through beautiful countryside’s together with walkers, who all wants to have a great time. I have experienced that everyone are very help full and there are always someone who walks the same pace as me. Once I was too tried to walk after lunch and then suddenly someone know someone, who would give me a lift to the town, where the walk ended and I have got help with my luggage too. Last year I walked only 3 days and this year I can walk the whole walk, as I did on my first in 2010 and each walk has been a great experience. On each walk the high lights has been coming to the pub and a having a cold pint (it makes you forget the sore feet) and talking about the experiences of the day and looking forward to the gig with John and the Reluctant Ramblers in the evening. Before each walk I have done some practise, because we do not have that many hills in Denmark.
    Hope to see you out there.

  2. Thanks Else – we look forward to seeing you again! Nice to have someone else confirming that the walks are welcoming and are not too fast or too daunting. Enjoy your practice in Denmark!

  3. Brilliant Else – I think that pretty much sums things up 🙂 I too am a returnee walker. I first tagged along 2 years ago – I knew nobody but knew I loved the music and was intrigued by the whole idea. I actually walked very little because I was very nervous about my walking abilities but still had a great time! As soon as it finised I knew I wanted to do it again .. and try harder with the walking! So there I was again last year – proverbial bad penny – and it was even better. I walked a bit more (which pleased me a lot even though it was by no means all of it) – and I met the nicest people. As for the gigs – what more can I say? Just amazing 🙂 I was so delighted when I knew there would be another walk this year! I know John will welcome everyone, old and new …… and I and the other returnees are looking forward to meeting you – whoever you may be! Fran

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