Introduction to the White Horses Walk

John Jones, singer with multi-award-winning, folk-rock giants Oysterband, walks off stage and out into some of the most glorious landscape in England. With a rucksack, fellow musicians, fans and friends he follows the ancient Ridgeway from Oxfordshire into Wiltshire, taking in White Horses, stone-circles and monuments to a different age, stopping each evening to be reconnected to their instruments and play a full gig to round off the day. Exhilarating walking by day and fun gigs at night…join him for a short walk, say hello over a pint at lunchtime or evening, or just come for the gig. Once up on The Ridgeway the walking is easy under foot and the views tremendous.. a chance for a really unique shared experience. John will be debuting new songs especially written for the occasion.

4 thoughts on “Introduction to the White Horses Walk

  1. Really hoping to meet up with you and yours at some point. The Ridgeway is the most beautiful walk, truly breathtaking. Just been listening to “The Soul’s Electric” from “The Oxford Girl…” album; will being back in Wiltshire remind you of the thunder and lihghtening that you refer to in the sleeve notes for the song? Here’s hoping for no storms [unless you are tucked up indoors] and a cooling breeze at your back on the sunny days…

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