JJ’s Big Session walk blog #4

JJ’s walking blog 4: “Now sitting by a little stream in the village of Coton in the Elms with 12 very happy but rather tired people. A couple of miles to go – we can’t see the festival site yet but we gather it’s dry and looks stunning. It’s been a remarkable 36 mile journey over the 2 days – leaving Leicester, visiting the site of the Battle of Bosworth with its simple, humbling monument, and today walking through SW Leicestershire – some of the most fertile agricultural land I have ever seen – and then into NW Leicestershire, an area where the mining industry has come and gone. It is now the national forest with many young trees – native species – and you get a sense of the landscape returning to how it might have been before mining began. This walk has given the week a sense of purpose for me – big thanks to all involved – and now we’re looking forward to a drink: we’ve deserved it!” JJ

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