TOUR HIGHLIGHTS #3: Wednesday 18th July

JJ’s WHITE HORSES WALKING TOUR – highlights for Wednesday 18th July. In a change to the original route, we have found a pub which is very kindly opening for lunch especially for us: The Inn with the Well, Ogbourne St George. All welcome even if you are not walking – email just so we have an idea of numbers. After lunch, descend with John from the ancient ridgeway path down into Avebury, walk the stone circle, then a pint in the Red Lion, followed by a gig in the handsome market town of Marlborough.  Anyone thinking of walking or joining JJ and the Reluctant Ramblers at any of the stops on the walk, see here for a route brochure. Meanwhile, don’t forget to look out for a new song for the tour, which we shall be posting in the next couple of days!

1 thought on “TOUR HIGHLIGHTS #3: Wednesday 18th July

  1. Having recently returned from a transatlantic spree, we’re joyfully turning our anticipation to the White Horses Walk. If anyone is still wondering whether to come along, I can honestly say the Ramblers’ Spine of England tour last year was one of the best holidays we’ve had! You’ll be able to do as much or as little of the walk as you want and there’s always someone walking at your speed to chat to. Whilst everyone makes their own arrangements for transport, accommodation & attending the gigs there’s a wonderful team spirit that means in practice you’ll never be stranded, lost or left at the mercy of cows . . .well, not for very long 😉 And finally, you get to walk with JJ, described by June Tabor on the recent tour as ‘our own Napoleon’. Whilst leadership ability & appetite for a long march are much in evidence, readers of JJ’s thought-provoking & lyrical blog will already have a good idea what to expect. Share opinions, comradeship and a damned fine time! See you at Goring! Kay, Charlie & the Fluffyhead Two.

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