TOUR HIGHLIGHTS #5: Friday 20th July

JJ’s WHITE HORSES WALKING TOUR – highlights for Friday 20th July. On the penultimate day of the tour, we’ll be following the Kennet and Avon canal from Pewsey to Devizes. We’ll be accompanied through the day by the narrowboat “Uisge Beatha” (for those who don’t recognise it, this is gaelic for “water of life” – whisky…how appropriate…). Owners Craig and Kirsty (plus Noodle the dog and Morgan the guinea pig) will be transporting the instruments for us, as well as sandwiches, hot tea and cold beer (and also providing another valuable feature for distance walkers…a toilet). See route guide for details. The evening’s gig will be at The Southgate in Devizes with special guest Rowan Godel. No tickets, just turn up for 8.00pm.

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