Walking blog #3

A tough but exhilarating second day, following the Ridgeway from Goring all the way to the White Horse at Uffington in bright sunny weather under high clouds. Terrific views, even though Didcot power station came in sight more often than we wanted! One highlight was the arrival at the white horse and for a few moments standing close to this emblematic hill carving and trying to make sense of its history and its shape, and how it was made to scale and to be so visible from far off. Another highlight: the hare that trotted down the Ridgeway towards us and sat cleaning herself before disappearing into the barley. The red kites were also much in evidence. This is a lonely and dramatic landscape to be found right in the heart of our crowded island. A great walk topped only by an amazing night. We managed to feature in three pubs in Wantage! We stayed in the Bear. We played a classic folk rock gig in the packed Swan. And we drank great beer and ate wonderful food in the pub of the year so far, the Shoulder of Mutton, run by a terrific host, Peter. We will be back.

1 thought on “Walking blog #3

  1. Went from Uffington to Sparsholt Firs to meet you and then back to Uffington. It was a great walk, fair wind and sunny (with a few clouds) and no rain! Really enjoyable. Oscar (the dog) slept well!

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