Walking blog #4

Walking down into Avebury with the stones in sight – one of the moments of the walk I’ve been really looking forward to. Being blown by a strong wind but at least it’s drying me after a tough wet day. Exhilarating walking up on the Ridgeway but we’ve been heading into the rain and I know it’s had an effect on me, heaven knows about the others but I hope they’re not cursing me! Great lunch stop at the Inn With The Well in Ogbourne St George which opened just for us – many thanks to them! We set off for the afternoon in high spirits but the rain has taken a toll. We stopped at Barbary Castle – a huge hill fort. The Ridgeway itself is slippery underfoot, you can see the wear and tear from four-wheel drives – there’s a constant battle between walkers and riders and the mechanised brigade for this space which is precious to all of us. Twenty people strung out behind us, due in the Red Lion shortly and very much looking forward to it!

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