Walking blog #5

Just set off from Avebury on a colder but thankfully clearer day with patches of blue sky. Yesterday was as difficult a day as you could wish to be walking on the Ridgeway on wet and slippery chalk. But we had a great gig last night in Marlborough – many thanks to Andrew Bumphrey. Also the great news that on Radio 2 last night, Mike Harding played an early demo of The Wanderer, a new song we’ve been using to open the show, and gave the tour a great plug. Radio Wiltshire have also got well behind the tour and are following our progress to the new Village Pump festival in Westbury, catching up with us at intervals along the way. Meanwhile, the reality of walking and gigging hit everyone in the band last night – the transition from soggy tired walkers to a band playing in front of a full house is the hardest part and the time between end of walk and start of gig seems to get shorter each day. But an early night has left everyone feeling better this morning as we set off. Amazing views across to Tan Hill to the east and Roundway Hill ahead of us.

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