Walking blog #8

Walking in a narrow lane being baked by the hottest sun of the week, such a contrast with the earlier days. We’re down below the escarpment of Salisbury Plain, which rises in front quite thickly wooded. We’re on our way to the 3 Daggers at Edington. Twelve people walking this morning out of Devizes. I was worried last night about my voice holding out, with a big weekend to come, but we had a great gig in the crowded Southgate pub. It was lovely to have Rowan back with us. Big thanks to Ian and Sarah who hosted the evening at the pub. Mixed feelings now. Glad to be on the final leg – 90 miles down, getting into the last 10 – but such a great spirit builds up over the week. That’s what I’ll miss and I suspect everyone will miss it. But for now we just have to get to the next pub!

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