Reflections after the tour

…A few reflections on a very special week. Somehow the theme of the White Horses Walk along The Ridgeway gave this walk added significance, a narrative in which the dramatically-changing weather, the music and lots of enthusiastic people played their part. Hopefully those who walked discovered something more about themselves, their capabilities, their limits and just the sheer fun of walking together. The bond fostered over a week’s intense walking in close proximity is a strong one and hopefully we also made that bond with the precious landscape we were in. The path became part of us and we, like many before us, discovered something new in ourselves through the landscape.

Walking a path…a journey…an arrival…the pub…the company…the music…So simple, yet so elusive these days.

To those who made it all possible, who packed out the pubs and venues, our hosts each night, our superb support and back-up team, The Village Pump Festival welcoming committee, Radio 2 and Radio Wiltshire….
…My humble thanks. See you out there, JJ

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