JJ’s Monday update #1

Song of The Downs Walking Tour 2013

Every time we travel to Brighton to work, the outline of The South Downs is visible from a distance, stretching out East and West, drawing you towards it, and as we reach it I always want to step out and stride away. Now it will happen. On Monday 27th May we meet on the chalk cliffs at Eastbourne and set off for Winchester 100 miles away, playing gigs, finding great pubs and sharing the experience of walking some superb downland scenery.

I have a natural affinity with the chalk downlands of England and the South Downs resonates to me with the sounds of The Copper Family harmonies, traditional Sussex and Hampshire musicians, sheep farming and ancient landmarks; but also this ribbon of rounded hills comes with such a strong recommendation from so many people…we had to give it a try. So close to urban development yet we are promised tranquillity, open spaces and wonderful walking on cropped downland turf.

All the Reluctant Ramblers musicians will be with me…Dil, Al Scott, Tim Cotterell plus guests Boff Whalley, Rowan Godel and more to be announced. Come and join us. JJ

2 thoughts on “JJ’s Monday update #1

  1. We’ll also be there. We live just south of the downs near Chichester so if you’re looking for some local info, just let me know.

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