JJ’s Monday update #3

JJ’s Monday update – more details on guest musicians for the South Downs walking tour at the end of May:

“I am really pleased that Rowan, Boff and now Benji have said they would like to be involved in the Walking Tour again and all three are joining us for the opening night at Hailsham. Boff is walking, possibly Benji also, and all three will be guesting during the week. Tim Cotterell, like Al and Dil, lives in Brighton and we’re in touch with others there hoping to join us. Sadly we couldn’t make the gig at The Jailhouse in Arundel work, so we are still looking for a venue in that area to descend on and have fun. It has always been my concern and the ethos of the Walking Tour that gigs are properly presented but that making it work is a shared responsibility, lo-fi, high on spirit. We have played in all sorts of places and I love the challenge of creating an atmosphere in unlikely surroundings…Roll on May.” JJ

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