JJ’s Monday update #6

Here we are, about to undertake the 5th Walking Tour; swapping songs, listening to last year’s live recordings, cleaning boots!! and finalising rehearsals, pub stops, interviews and hoping the sun will shine. It is by far the most unpredictable and spontaneous thing that I do as a musician and I have learnt to ‘go with it’….to let it find its own pace and narrative. The ‘unholy alliance’ of Walking and Gigging turns out to have a strangely calming, almost spiritual dimension as well as the fun and the hard work and to share that with people is a joy. There are new songs to sing, others from Rising Road to re-discover, and an endless flow of stories to tell that will arise on the journey. To gather people round you, walk all day, and find somewhere welcoming to end the day with a great pint and sing for your supper….Hey, that has to be good. JJ [NB tour runs 26 May-1 June  – join us for walks, gigs or both].

1 thought on “JJ’s Monday update #6

  1. Looking forward to it John. We will be joining you for the gig in Houghton and then walking with you from Amberlry the following morning. See you then. Steve Walden.

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