JJ’s tour blog #2

Yesterday had to be one of the best first days anyone could wish for, with the largest number of walkers we’ve ever had – stretched along the Downs under a clear blue sky with stunning views out to sea and inland over the rolling Sussex countryside. So many highlights for me…The ribbon of people climbing up to Beachy Head. A peregrine falcon weaving over the rollercoaster cliffs of the Seven Sisters. The Cuckmere River with its oxbow lakes. The walk into Alfriston, an English idyll that would have had Constable reaching for his easel. The peal of church bells as we entered the village. The Aspalls cider in the garden of The George…

Big thanks to Hayley at the Trevor Arms in Glynde for hosting a great session. Endless tunes with some great musicians. Dan Quinn and ex-Oyster bass player Ian Kearey came in from Brighton. Sir Roger de Coverley was danced on the pub lawn. The bar was so packed that some people were watching through the windows, unable to get in. But the ultimate highlight for me was singing Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy with The Copper Family.

Now back to reality: a grey overcast morning. About to head to Southease Station to start the difficult second day. We’ll see who’s there. JJ

3 thoughts on “JJ’s tour blog #2

  1. I’m normally one of the ringers there, but couldn’t either ring or join the walk on Monday! Hope to join in later – enjoyed the Hailsham gig!

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