Boff writes…

So. We walked from Somewhere to Somewhere Else. Two small but bustling towns on the South Downs Way. In between these places was a varying number of green and pleasant miles, gorgeous views, countryside throwing itself at us from every angle. Lovely. Nature in all of us and all of us in Nature. The second day of rambling / route marching (you decide) ended with an ice cream van, a beacon and a mad tumble towards Jack and Jill windmills.

By the time the stage was organised at the Hassocks Hotel, the 25+ party of hardy (foolhardy? Laurel and Hardy?) walkers had settled into their third pints and the band were ready to stumble / foxtrot (you decide) through a set of John’s songs. Typically, everyone forgot the words and did anyone mind? No! The Ramblers is an exercise in Ideas and Risk and linking up the “day-to-day” with the hallowed hidden world of the touring musician. Breaking down the barriers! Making stuff up! Getting things wrong! Band and audience together “in harmony”!

“Didn’t we have a love-er-ly time” etc (John said not to mention that).

Until next time, Boff.


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