JJ’s tour blog #3

Yesterday – the walk, the midday pub, more walking and another pub in the evening for the gig – was almost my idea of the perfect walking tour day. It was a big day and a great gig in the George & Dragon, Houghton. After all that, today has a sense of the harsher realities of long-distance walking. I have never seen as many plasters being applied at breakfast. Sore feet seem to be most people’s problem and it’s not surprising because the chalk and flint path is pretty unforgiving. My feet are feeling it too. Today should have been called the “feet don’t fail me now” tour. We’re walking from West Sussex towards the Hampshire border, and the South Downs are becoming more lush and tree-lined and less open. But still we’ve had some magical glimpses out towards mid-Sussex and as far as the North Downs. Looking forward to Elsted Village Hall tonight. JJ

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