JJ’s tour blog #4

I just witnessed one of those mad eccentric walking tour moments – a dance on the top of Beacon Hill while other walkers hummed the tune “The Canal In October”. I actually saw Boff dance a schottische. This was his punishment for not dancing last night at Elsted Village Hall. Our concert turned into a great session and ceilidh with lots of local musicians and singers. Where everyone’s energy comes from is a constant source of amazement to me. Elsted is a beautiful village hall fronted by a lovely cricket pitch with great views over Sussex. An idyllic place to finish a hard day’s walking. Our thanks to all the musicians and dancers, and special thanks to the Knock Hundred Shuttles morris team for hosting us, and to Marion for organising the whole thing. Good luck to Becky & Ben on their forthcoming marriage.

A red kite circled the cricket pitch as we left this morning, and we glimpsed a herd of fallow deer resting in the sun. No rest for us – we’re on our way! JJ

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