Feedback on the Song of the Downs Tour

Now that the dust has settled after the Song of the Downs tour, we are starting to plan the next one for 2014.

While this years tour is fresh in your mind, we would appreciate hearing your feedback — what went well and what could be improved for next year?
The areas we can think of for your comments are:
The walking itself

The gigs and venues

Transport arrangements

Lunches and dinners

The Website

Information available before the tour

Information available during the tour

Anything else….

Please email your comments to

2 thoughts on “Feedback on the Song of the Downs Tour

  1. I joined the walk for the final day. I have tried to think of some constructive comments but all I can say is the everything about the day was excellent, helped of course by the weather. The information provided during the build-up was adequate and the daily blogs on the progress of the walk were useful.
    Good luck with the planning for next year and I hope to be able to join you again.

  2. I made it for the first day and a half and can only echo Peters comments above. The concerts- both organised and ad hoc – were brilliant and travel back-up for anyone who got stuck was much appreciated. Beforehand I was anxious about how to get back at the end of each day so the bus timetables were very helpful and reassuring. Thanks for a great escape.

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