Song of The Downs walking tour photos

Do you have photos of the Song of The Downs walking tour? Can you let us have copies so we can share the best ones with other people and use them on Facebook and on this website? If you have just a few then you could email them to; but if you have a larger number then there may be better options. (Dropbox is free, easy to use and works well for sending larger batches of photos).

Addendum: we also plan to produce another photo book from the tour so really would appreciate the original images and not have to copy them from posts on Facebook which are lower resolution and do not look so good when printed. Please use a “cloud” service such as dropbox or sugar sync, or copy them to a CD and post them. For the latter, please send an email to and we will send you an address to post a CD to. Another alternative is to put them on a memory stick and lend it to Tom when you see him at a festival or gig. Send an email to make contact.

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