Wickham festival walk #1

Twenty-one people gathering at the Shoe Inn, Exton, for the first stage of the walk to Wickham festival. We’re heading east alongside the River Meon towards Old Winchester Hill. It’s a beautiful river – one of those clear, slow-moving Hampshire streams. We’re in a sunken green lane, quite overgrown, with lovely views…big sloping fields of cut crops on our right…

It’s been a really busy, full-on time with Oysterband lately – we’ve had some great times and now for me personally it’s good to be back with the Ramblers…lots of familiar faces and some new ones…and a great day of walking ahead. JJ


2 thoughts on “Wickham festival walk #1

  1. Stuck in the office in front of my PC – that picture has made me even more envious than I was before. See you all on top of Old Winchester Hill in the morning.

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