JJ writes…

Today’s walk included a halt in an old Victorian schoolroom, the centre of a mining village which used to have 200 homes…all gone now…It seemed appropriate to sing Ghosts of the Village there…

A highlight of yesterday’s Ragged Kingdom walk was meeting up with June Tabor, who came and sang for us: “Abroad for pleasure as I was a-walking”.

Last night’s gig in the Three Tuns was completely packed and included Robert Plant and family in the audience, as well as Alan and Sandra, organisers of Shrewsbury Folk Festival.

Great food too, and we drank them out of XXX, quite a feat considering the Three Tuns is not just a pub but a brewery!

I can see the weather coming in – rain sweeping across from the mountains. Today has seen a real contrast in the terrain: after yesterday’s river valleys, we now have harder rocky ground which might have reminded anyone of the song “The Rocks of Bawn” even before we found a field of turnips…a verse or two was inevitable…

Tonight: Shrewsbury!


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