Return to the Ridgeway: Day 2

Last night’s show was the first Ramblers outing as a 5-piece: JJ, Al Scott, Rowan Godel, Tim Cotterell and Lindsey Oliver. It was a light and concentrated sound, very close to the audience, and the lyrics and harmonies came across really well. Big thanks to Andrew Bumphrey who promoted this sell-out show.
A long walk this morning led to the Royal Oak in Bishopstone, where the landlord Tim treated us superbly and we had a fabulous session in the garden – lots of people on a sunny day in a lovely pub in a beautiful village. The band has now been joined for the rest of the tour by Benji Kirkpatrick, so we had his traditional rendering of Voodoo Chile as well as Benji’s men singers alongside Rowan’s women singers.
A shorter walk this afternoon – 40 people and 5 dogs – took us to a total distance of 18 miles for the day. So here we are by the Uffington White Horse looking out across beautiful countryside and anticipating another great (sold out) session tonight.


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