Return to the Ridgeway: Day 3

Just walking down into Goring – a mile to go – a good day after a splendid but rather heavy night at the Shoulder of Mutton last night! Completing 18 miles and two sessions yesterday really highlighted the extent to which these tours are about more than a passion for walking and music. It is also about taking the music to different places – in this case two great pubs (the Royal Oak in Bishopstone and the Shoulder of Mutton in Wantage) which so appreciated that we were there and gave us such warm welcomes. We were playing to some people who were there because of us, but also others who were just in the pub and knew little or nothing about us but by the end were asking us to play more!

Peter Fowler, the landlord, is shortly giving up the Shoulder of Mutton and we wish him all the best – as well as hoping that the spirit of a fantastic pub can be sustained. We’re so sorry not to have been able to fit more people in last night, it was a truly fantasic evening in a very tight-packed pub!

The Ridgeway has felt hard underfoot today but interestingly,  once we crossed the A34 heading east, it all seems emptier. We are in the heart of southern England among red kits, rolling cornfields and high drifting clouds, with time and space to take it all in. There are about 30 people walking with us today and more meeting us tonight. JJ says “This tour has been about the perfect distance and duration for me just now. Big thanks to the pubs, the audiences, the walkers and of course the band. If you want to join the next walking tour, keep 8th, 9th and 10th October free – details to follow!”

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