Return to the Ridgeway – final blog of the tour:

…..And so to Nettlebed. Carrying our packs, bruises and hangovers we completed the last 19 miles into Goring on a stiflingly hot day, with some gorgeous views of Didcot Power Station, on a dusty, hard Ridgeway that hurt the feet. It is amazing how, so close to so many people, roads and towns, you feel aloof and removed from the bustle of life, lost in the rhythm of the walk and even though I guess some people were feeling the pace, the journey had to be finished. Finished where we ended our first ever walking tour, in the surroundings of Nettlebed Village Hall for a great final show and everyone on fine form. Lindsey and Benji really powered the rhythm section along, Tim’s fiddle soared under the controls of Oysterband sound maestro Tim Porter, Rowan just gets stronger and stronger and was in great voice while Al ‘s guitar anchored everything and glued us together. I am privileged to have such people round me and that goes for everyone who walked, welcomed us, met us along the way and shared in the journey. My thanks to everyone involved in any way, including the Reluctant Ramblers support team who make all this happen: Tom Povey, Fran Burge, Bev Bond, Colin Kirkby, Tim Porter and Caz White. JJ

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