John Jones album launch announcement!

NSMHi to all Oysterband fans, Ramblers and long-distance listeners – My new album, “Never Stop Moving” will be released on Friday 4th September and available at Shrewsbury festival before then and at BunkFest on the weekend of the release.

This is the album I have been making (alongside “Diamonds on the Water”) for the past three years, with many of the songs honed and fully realised on our walking tours the length and breadth of this beautiful, curious and contradictory country in search of the haunting stories that hide beneath the surface.

Inevitably my own story at the end of last year became mixed up with it and, for me, what I always thought of as my English folk album of big songs from small stories became an expression of my own ‘revival’. The last song to arrive, “Never Stop Moving”, seemed to capture that. I am moving again and somehow my voice just gets stronger…and for that I am just bloody grateful. Stay strong out there. Best, JJ

NEVER STOP MOVING…Big songs from a small country…

Watch this space for more about “Never Stop Moving”, including videos and a couple of tracks we hope to be able to post in advance as a taster. If you aren’t going to be at Shrewsbury or BunkFest, you can pre-order the album here; and it will also be available in due course in the Oysterband shop!

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