Lunch plan for the Friday walk and parking in Threlkeld

In a week’s time, John and Colin will be leading two walks along St John’s in the Vale. Fingers crossed for weather as good as today.

Walkers will meet at the Threlkeld Coffee Shop at the Village Hall on Friday at 9am. We will split into two groups for high-level and low-level walks along St John’s in the Vale. Our local scouts have been out to The Lodge in the Vale where we were planning to meet for lunch. The Lodge feel they are not able to cope with the number of walkers that we expect to be with us. The two groups will therefore meet in the car park at Legburthwaite, head of St John’s in the Vale. Please bring a packed lunch for this walk. The car park has toilets and a lovely view down the valley (perhaps not to be enjoyed at exactly the same time). The Lodge is not far away if anyone does desire their coffee and cake.

For the three evening events, there is plenty of parking in Threlkeld. Please respect local residents when you park.  The Village Hall has a car park but please do not leave a car there while walking for the day as their coffee shop is open for visitors all day. Please click on the link for the Threlkeld Website to see further information on parking.

Meet you there.

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