October in the Lakes – Day 2

Here we are, the early morning brigade, about to walk up Clough Head and over to the Great Dodd. The Vale, which others will set off in later, in another 45 minutes, is just off to our right. Unbelievable day … if anyone walking with us is new to the Lakes, I hope they don’t think the weather is always like this. It’s incredible. Great session last night, lots of songs as well as lots of tunes, great to have other musicians with us, Nick Passmore and so on, Rowan sang, the women’s choir sang… But now we have to get up that hill – that’ll sort everyone out! This group is going up to 700 metres there, and then 850 metres later – so we’ll be just under 3,000 feet by the time we get onto Stybarrow Dodd and Great Dodd. Then we’re going to go down Sticks Pass and meet the other group which will have done a slightly easier route, so we all meet down at Legburthwaite, in the car park, near to the Lodge at Thirlmere. This is the first of the divided walks – looking forward to it and we’ll see who’s with us at the top! JJ 

Photos: see if you can guess which team is doing which walk!


4 thoughts on “October in the Lakes – Day 2

  1. How lucky you are to be having such great weather. The Lakes are unbeatable in the sunshine.
    Good luck on the high walk – we look forward to seeing you in Canterbury in November.

  2. Genuinely thinking of you all and wish very much I was there too! Will have to hope and look forward to joining a walk with you next year. Have a. wonderful time and, like Jane, very much looking forward to the gig in Canterbury in November, Is anyone interested in sharing a car journey to Bexhill in January from East Kent?

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