The Homecoming Tour

JJ writes:

“7 years ago I started out on the very first Rambling Tour from my home, here  on the Welsh Borders, not sure how it would be received , whether I would last the pace, not sure really where we were going  and not sure anyone would give a damn. As ever my good friend Colin was with me  and  musicians Al Scott , Tim Cotterell , Dil Davies and Boff joined us at different times. We crossed Herefordshire into Gloucestershire, calling at Wychwood Festival and out across England, ending up finally at the Big Session Festival in Leicester. Sometimes there were 12 of us, on occasions just 3. Fans and friends carried our instruments in their cars and we met many people on the way who have subsequently become regular Ramblers with us.

Boff expresses wonderfully  in his blogs the hardship and joys of this connection with the land in movement and music. For me, what was an escape from Road Touring and a personal challenge became an inspiring source of ideas for songs and a chance to meet people who had only ever seen me on stage. A collision of the public and private that has been so rewarding…

….and now, 7 years on, with close to 1,000 miles covered, the crazy cavalcade of sweat, songs and exhausted silences is coming home, back to where it started, following a 100 mile hike across Herefordshire from Bromyard, after Oysterband headline the Saturday night at the festival, and on to Malvern in the East then Kington in the West. 
Please join us for this last Walking Tour of 2016 … on the walks, at the gigs and sessions, in the pub or anywhere along the route you fancy meeting us. We’ve had riders on horseback, a wine merchant with a tray of drinks, an Alfred Wainwright-themed Stag-do but just you in your walking gear will do. 
During the final day’s walk, as part of the excellent Kington Walking Festival, we will reach 1,000 miles, so try and join us for that landmark and the final Ramblers gigs for 2016.
 Hope to Meet You There . JJ “
Further details to follow…

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