Home now

JJ writes:

“Sitting in silence at home after an amazing week of walking, music-making, friendship and solidarity. To thank everyone who helped us, supported us and joined us would take pages but I hope you all carried something away with you from the songs, the stories, the humour and the enduring rhythm of troubadouring your life away down quiet paths of hops and apple trees with green hills in the distance. Last night’s sold-out homecoming gig in Kington was a fitting climax .
My humble thanks for all your contributions.

The final walk could not have been more perfect … the sun shone , all the band walked and the views were perfect.

These pictures are on Bradnor Hill with The Malverns somewhere in the distance, where we started, and for me the completion of 1,000 miles.
Keep on Rambling. JJ “

2 thoughts on “Home now

  1. So thrilled to have walked with an amazing bunch of people and to have been there at the finish !!! The icing on the cake, was to hear the Band playing at the Burton Hotel, magic, thank you one and all, and to raise money for these Charity’s is just brilliant. Carole Burgins, Dolau, Lorna Brooke Dolau.

  2. I heard somewhere, “someone” :):), sang: “You can put your trust in me we’ll keep the good times rolling….”And he was definitely NOT lying:) 🙂 Thank you so much for an amazing couple of days in great company with loads of lovely humour:)

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