2016 Photobook


The photobook covering both the walks in 2016 is now available. This is a bumper collection over 42 pages with photographs from 11 walkers.

If you would like a copy, please email info@jj-rr.org

The base price for the book is £36.59. Postage is £3.99 no matter how many copies. If you can wait until the Big Session then we can bring copies there and you can just pay £37. If you want your copy sooner then you will need to pay the full postage.

2 thoughts on “2016 Photobook

  1. Hoefully JJ will have recovered from the streaming cold that caused cancellation of tonight’s (& yesterdays?) gig in Denmark

    However Friday night’s was superb, I really snjoyed the expedition to Rudme!



  2. Hi Tom

    Nice to see you at the weekend. I would like a copy of the book and I will have it at the Big Session.

    Regards Valerie


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