JJ reflects ….

The raw stats of miles walked, metres climbed or calories expended cannot ever do justice to the shared experience of walking in all weathers with a great bunch of people like The Ramblers. As Boff says, “Reluctant” is hardly the right word these days; but in a way it reflects that feeling of not taking ourselves too seriously, whatever we do and … some of this was hard. It is The Lakes; inspiring and daunting and changing each time you look up from watching your step.

My thanks to you all for being on the walks and at the gigs and for some great FB feedback and my special thanks to Colin, Tom, Fran and Graham and Vanya for invaluable support – and there were times when I needed it! … And of course to a great band: Rowan, Lindsey, Al and Tim and guest Nick Passmore for making the songs and tunes come alive. JJ

The walkers at the very start – Thursday at the Castlerigg stone circle:

and at Skiddaw House on the Saturday walk:

The band on Saturday:

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