Planning for May

I will be back in Yorkshire next week for a beer and maps session with Boff and Colin and checking out some of the excellent live venues we have planned for the Spine of England II Ramblers Tour in May. We hope to get some walking in as well and hopefully Boff can join us having recovered from his bizarre tobogganing accident [anything for attention]. This has been a dismal winter weather-wise here on the border and the fields are saturated from the snow-melt and incessant rain. That extra few minutes of daylight is beginning to lift the gloom and we will be out in the Shropshire hills tomorrow whatever the weather. I once wrote that walking in wild landscape was my drug, my gym and my church and the need for ‘a fix’ is at its strongest this time of year. However you get it ..keep well and see you out there. JJ

Click here for information about the walks

2 thoughts on “Planning for May

  1. Always love that moment when late January is allowing the daylight to return. Spoke to dad this morning….he’s doing well…and sends his love. (Paul Smith)

  2. Hallo John Like you I am addicted to walking and am out with Tom every minute I can when I’m not sitting at my computer teaching students. I am particularly missing the bright light and am off to the Pembrokeshire coast tomorrow for a few days for my ‘fix’ and to hear some live music at Narberth. Looking forward to the trip in May and to seeing you at Titley. Another ‘fix’ which is super uplifting is to see you and the Oysterband! Enjoy with love from Lorna

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