Spine of England II — Walk Outlines

This May, JJ returns to his native Yorkshire and walks from the Peak District to The Dales, singing  songs from his albums ‘Rising Road’ and ‘Never Stop Moving’ with the superb Reluctant Ramblers band playing and walking with him. There will be hard-yards during the day and lots of songs and humour each evening.

Click here to see outlines of the walks in 2018
– from Thursday 24th May to (Bank Holiday) Monday 28th May

JJ says: ” putting my twin passions of singing and walking together was always going to be a risk but it has defied the doubters and gone way beyond my expectations. There is a real spirit of shared achievement during the day that informs and spills over into the evenings. Come and join us at any time; for a short  walk, a lunchtime pint or for the gig in the evening. You will be welcome. JJ”

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