Spine of England II – Reflections from JJ

Back home after an ‘eventful’ few days on the Pennine way and through some glorious Yorkshire landscape from the gritstone and peat of Saddleworth Moor to the limestone walls ,green pasture and rocky outcrops of The Dales. Thanks to a great team of people well over 100 walkers who joined us over the journey were kept going . They kept me going as well as you and deserve mine and your thanks.
I was able to see it from a different perspective this time and began to appreciate just how much effort people make to actually get to the walks , starting and finishing , transport , moving bags and much more. Thanks all of you.
Exceptional venues and sold-out shows completed the picture and your singing and dancing at the end of long days was inspirational.

My Thanks , JJ [ Reluctant, but not for long ].

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