Spine of England II – thanks to the venues

Reflections from the tour manager:

Navigating six musicians around six venues over six days with bags and instruments was always going to be quite a challenge – and then John joined the backup crew …..

Six great evenings in six very different venues – thanks to:
Hepworth – Steve and Alison for not only organising the evening but also hosting us all. And to Alan for providing the PA.
Trades Club, Hebden Bridge – Sarah and Del
Saltaire Live Room – Ron and Hilary
Otley Court House – Steve, Glynis, Gerry and John
Craven Arms – Richard
Settle Victoria Hall – Ann, Mike and Dave.
Very special thanks to Graham for arranging the venues for us and then to those who helped with support during the week: Lauren, Elaine, Jane H, Jane D and Julie.
Last but not least, extra special thanks to Fran for organising the supply of tour T-shirts and for selling CDs for John, Rowan and Lindsey. Not sure whether it helped or not having John along as a passenger ….

2 thoughts on “Spine of England II – thanks to the venues

  1. Hello John, absolutely wonderful to bump into you at the Craven Arms last week and look forward to seeing you once more in Canterbury in the not-too-distant future. If you are interested in doing something (a gig of whatever size) for our brand-new, Labour MP, Rosie Duffield I’d love to hear from you. Remember me to Doe
    John and Janey Walder

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