My Rising Road set at the Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Time now to focus on the Shrewsbury Folk Festival and what promises to be one of the highlights of my year. I am bringing together an amazing gathering of musicians to help celebrate my 10 years of walking and gigging through this country; a gathering that will be as poignant as it will be uplifting without the wonderful voice of Rowan Godel. 

I am so pleased to have Ray Cooper ( Chopper) with me, for 22 years the wonderful cello and bass player who shared the musical journey of Oysterband and also Dil Davies, whose drumming lifted Oysterband albums Ragged Kingdom and Diamonds On The Water to a new level. 
Welcome back chaps. 

They were both part of of the original Reluctant Ramblers who along with Al Scott and Tim Cotterell took the first faltering steps into the unknown as we set out from the Welsh Border to walk across England to the Big Session.

Add to that the drive and creativity of Benji Kirkpatrick, the wonderful stand-up bass and singing of Lindsey Oliver and the songs, stories and humour of Boff Whalley. 

I am privileged to have everyone with me. Expect a new song from me and a song started by Rowan and finished by Boff with a wonderful arrangement. You can also expect a very special atmosphere in the Bellstone Tent, Saturday afternoon, Shrewsbury. 

I hope you can join us. JJ

2 thoughts on “My Rising Road set at the Shrewsbury Folk Festival

  1. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it but am hoping to be able to see it via Shrewsbury’s online streaming service. Fingers crossed it’ll be up and running ok.

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