JJ looks forward to the Two Moors, Two Seas tour

[JJ writes] At last a break in Oysterband touring and I can look forward to this year’s Walking Tour. Crossing Devon north to south, taking in Exmoor and Dartmoor, has long appealed and my association with Devon goes back many years. My earliest ‘singing sessions’ were a haze of alcohol and harmony out in the pubs of Dartmoor and the rural villages of Mid-Devon. For a boy from a mill-town on The Pennines this really was another world. I must have sung Tavistock Goosey Fair for 3 years before I finally realised what the words were.

The Two Moors Way, The Tarka Trail and The Mariners’ Way are the three long distance paths we will touch upon but, as always, the beauty and character of the walking tours are the deviations to find that special place, the historic landmark, that bit of history or just a great pub. Check out our route and let us know of any special place – local knowledge is vital – and, best of all, come and join us. We keep it relaxed and fun and each night I have a great band of musicians with me, who walk as well, to round off the day with a gig. Hope to meet you there. JJ

2 thoughts on “JJ looks forward to the Two Moors, Two Seas tour

  1. Hip replacement surgery scheduled for 23 April so you can me out………how about a South Wales walking tour in 2015?

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