Black and White Bird – new video – and news of the Reluctant Ramblers

A new video for a song by John Jones and the Reluctant Ramblers “Black and White Bird”:

Come and hear Black and White Bird live on the walking tour through Devon in May.

Rowan Godel , the wonderful voice on Diamonds on the Water, also sings on “Black and White Bird” and will be joining John for all the gigs on the Walking Tour. Other members of the Reluctant Ramblers will include Lindsey Oliver, the great stand-up bass player who added such depth to the album; the powerful Oyster rhythm section of Al Scott and Dil Davies; and the multi-instrumentalist and regular Rambler Tim Cotterell. A formidable band of troubadours who will be strolling (!!) through the Devon countryside. New songs , great tunes, maybe even a dance and a chance to re-connect with the landscape at a natural  pace. JJ

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