Photobook 2015 and your photos

A number of people have shown interest in having a photobook from the walks this year. For the past three years, Fran and Tom have put a selection of photographs from that years walking tour into a photobook and sold it at cost price. Normally around £30-35. Previous years have been one week tour.

This year, we have done three sets of walks: the Big Session walk out of Buxton, the Ridgeway and the Lakes.

We propose to gather together a selection of pictures from each of these three into one photobook. As before, we will add JJ’s blogs to give some commentary to the photographs.

There have been many lovely photographs presented on Facebook. For a photobook, we really need the original photographs to get the quality when printed.

If you have photographs to contribute to this then please get in touch via

You can either send in a cd, we can transfer them via “cloud storage”, or we can meet up.

The aim is to have the book ready well before Christmas. Please get your photographs to use by the end of October to give us time in November to create the book.

Fran & Tom

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