7 thoughts on “2016 Walks

  1. Great news! I shall definitely join you on the late May/June walks. Thanks for the early notification; I can make sure I’m free. Have a good rest after a very busy Oyster3tour. By the way, I’ve tried to book on your ramble from Buxton, but it isn’t possible at the moment unless you’ve bought a weekend ticket. Could you clarify how I join you, perhaps speak to those at Buxton?
    Lorna x

  2. Just phoned Buxton Opera House and they tell me ‘just turn up’ to the Festival Ramble. Do you want an unlimited number of people turning up, John?

  3. Hi have joined a couple of your walks and really enjoyed them. Unfortunately, don’t think I’m on your mailing list. Really interested in joining the Spring and September walks. Could you possibly let me know when the details are finalised in terms of accommodation etc. Thanks a lot, Jill

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