JJ and the RR walk the Wild Fells.

” Hi everyone , today we can announce that we will return to the rugged North Lakes in September [Thursday 21 –Sunday 24] for another weekend of exhilarating walking , companionship and lots of music [and beer]. 

Again we will be based in Threlkeld and the village hall will be our focal point and the starting point for some different but equally inspiring walks. Gig and walk details tba
Meet you There. JJ “

13 thoughts on “JJ and the RR walk the Wild Fells.

  1. Hello and Happy New Year

    I’ve been dreaming of coming along on one of these walks for a couple of years or more now and this year it looks as though we might be able to make it to this one. We hope to be travelling to Britain this fall (from Vancouver Island) and would like to arrange to come along on at least part of this walk.

    We have a couple of questions though… I understand that accommodations are all up to the walkers to find on their own but we wondered how we make arrangements to get back to the starting point (where we parked the rental car) and whether or not there is any provision for carrying or storing our holiday luggage while on the walk. Is there a support vehicle of any kind to transport anything like that or at least our daily change of clothes from village to village?

    We love your music (saw Oyster Band at Butchart’s Gardens last summer) and it would be great to see you in a pub or two this summer.


    David and June Ballantyne


  2. Before we make enquiries/go ahead and book accommodation for the September 2017 walk, is it likely that the “group booking” option offered by the Saluatation Inn & sister “Horse & Farrier” is likely to be taken up? Of course other thoughts on accommodatio9n wolud also be gratefully received. Many thanks, David

  3. We’ll stay in our caravan somewhere nearby. But is it necessary to make a booking for the walks / gigs?

  4. Got tickets for the Saturday concert, but Friday night “sold out” although “more may be available later”. Can you say when “later” is – or how can we find out when more tickets will be available?

  5. Hi
    We have our booked our accommodation for the Lakes and tickets for the gigs. Rob is hoping to do the walks but we don’t know where to find info on the walks. Where can we find out.
    Thanks Jane

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