Wickham Festival Walk – RSVP

In keeping with tradition, before their set at the Wickham Music Festival, John and the Reluctant Ramblers will walk from Meonstoke  to Old Winchester Hill, on to Soberton and then down to the festival site outside of Wickham.

If you plan to join the walk then please either comment here or email info@jj-rr.org so that we have some idea of how many to expect.

Start time is 9.45, meet in the car park opposite the Bucks Head. Aim is to arrive at the festival site by 4pm with a stop for lunch at the White Lion in Soberton at around 1.30. The afternoon walk is around 4 miles and mainly down the old railway line.

29 thoughts on “Wickham Festival Walk – RSVP

  1. Yes, I will be joining the walk along with Rose Stimson, Will Griffiths and one other – we’re sharing a taxi from Wickham to the start of the walk.

  2. Could you give more details re route? I could then park on the festival site (if I’m allowed to park earlier than 3pm??) and walk out to meet you? Thanks

    • The festival car park will be open all day. You will need to walk east on Blind Lane then at the junction with a grassy island in the middle, find the footpath opposite that goes towards Northfields Farm. When it meets the old railway line, turn north.
      The walkers expect to leave the lunchtime stop around 2.30 then it’s a 4 mile walk for them to the festival site.

  3. Family of six hoping to join at various points depending on logistics. Either two of us for whole walk plus four after lunch, or just four in the afternoon. Looking forward to it.

  4. Looking forward to the walk to Wickham, there’ll be 3 of us, me, Marc and Megan, we’ll be with you at the start, Bucks Head.

  5. Is anyone planning to leave their vehicle at the festival site early morning and organise transport to the start of the walk?

      • Claire, it looks as though there will be a few Ramblers joining us. Watch this space.

      • I am unable to join the walk but I believe others are trying to arrange a taxi from the festival site.

  6. I’m thinking of joining the morning walk and pub lunch,
    but then have to go back to my car so will rejoin you at Wickham

    • Nick, a few are planning to leave their cars at the festival car park and book a taxi to take us to Meonstoke. Would that be of interest to you?

      • I had thought I had to go and check in at my guest house, but am changing my plans in that respect as I’ve seen Rowan & Co are on on Wednesday evening. So yes, I’ll be around Thursday morning and park at the festival so could share a taxi to Meonstoke

      • Nick, I am unable to join the walk now but I believe others are planning to book a taxi.

    • Pauline, I am unable to join the walk now. Have you tried Chase Cars (01489 894433). I spoke to them last week. Have a good day.

    • I was possibly sharing with Peter Terry and maybe Claire Lister, but we hadn’t booked anything. (I had originally planned to drive to Meonstoke anyway). Peter is now unable to come – have you managed to arrange anything? If not, I could still drive up to Wickham, pick you up and leave my car at Meonstoke as originally planned.

  7. Hoping to join you at the Bucks Head – camping the night before so looking forward to Rowan in the Community Centre the night before!

  8. Thank you for the information, hoping to meet at the lunch spot and do the afternoon part of the walk only if that is OK.

  9. Yes interested but need to sort logistics. Car parked at festival site so if there’s a lift going to the start, do say! If not, I’ll have a wee think….

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