Wickham Walk

The morning section of this walk, from the Bucks Head, up Old Winchester Hill and down to Soberton and the White Lion, is 14km or around 9 miles. The afternoon walk is around 4 miles.

The reply to the previous post said the morning walk is 12.5 miles. That is not correct. The total for the day is around 12.5 to 13 miles.

4 thoughts on “Wickham Walk

  1. Is anyone planning to park at the festival site early morning and then organise a lift to the start of the walk? If I can share a lift I would happily contribute to any cost e.g. a taxi.

    • Yes, we are planning to get a taxi from Wickham to the start. Lots of people will probably need lifts or taxis, so it might be worth looking for a 7 -seater or similar. Pauline, Robin and
      Tweedie the Terrier.

      • Pauline, thanks for the message. I think that makes 4 of us (including Claire). Are you booking a taxi or would you like me to?
        It is about a 20 min drive from Wickham to Meonstoke so I would aim to be at the festival car park by 9.00 & book the taxi for 9.15.
        Possibly Nick Cant may join us also. I will put a message on Reluctant Ramblers Facebook also.

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