Wickham thoughts from JJ

“Thanks to everyone for your great support at the RR gig at Wickham and those hardy souls who sweated it out with us on the South Downs during the day. It’s a fantastic  festival and it is an honour to be there for the opening, singing for people as they arrive.

Lindsey, Tim, Rowan, John, Benji & Al singing Never Stop Moving at the Wickham Festival Box Office, watched by Matthew Bannister and being recording for the Folk on Foot podcast.

Special thanks to the Folk on Foot Podcast team who were with us the whole day creating a word and sound picture reflecting the  quiet musings of myself and others following the silent hedgerows of the Downs, in contrast to the noise of a full-on crowd in the Big-Top when we hit the festival. Two different worlds coming together; the contrast was stunning. Thanks to you all. JJ ”

JJ with Matthew Bannister talking folk on foot

John Jones and the Reluctant Ramblers play the Village Stage at the Wickham Festival


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