The North Lakes 2019

Details on the walking for the weekend 26/27/28th September can be found here:

JJ writes: “Our weekend in the beautiful North Lakes is coming up. 3 Days of great walking and music. You are all welcome but REMEMBER – THIS IS THE LAKES -and it does help if you have some experience of walking in the fells and a degree of fitness. If our walks seem too demanding there are plenty of other easier walks to do and fantastic scenery to lose yourself in. We will all be together in the evenings.

As all the regular walkers know, we are not a guided tour party but are there, like you, to enjoy walking and music and being together in astonishing landscape. Please look after yourselves, bring the right gear, carry what you need but not too much and make your own arrangements for lifts (except on the Friday, see below). Any doubts please ask.”

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