Folk On Foot Podcast

The latest Folk On Foot podcast episode featuring John Jones and the Reluctant Ramblers walking to the Wickham Festival in Hampshire. You can listen at or click below for your podcast app:

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The podcast series is hosted by Matthew Bannister who writes: “This episode has by far the largest cast of walkers we’ve ever assembled – and the most musicians. I call John Jones “the patron saint of Folk on Foot” because he was walking from gig to gig and singing on the way long before our podcast was invented. He’s done it all over the country and he’s usually accompanied by a bunch of fans who call themselves the Reluctant Ramblers.

On a scorching hot day last summer, we joined them for a walk over Old Winchester Hill, along part of the South Downs Way and the Meon Valley to the Wickham Festival. On top of the hill John and his band performed Walking Through Ithonside. After lunch at the pub they gave us Ferryman and on arrival at the Festival the very appropriate I Will Never Stop Moving.

Along the way John reflects on creativity and the effect of a recent brush with cancer on his view of life and making music It was a life-affirming journey through quintessential English countryside with one of folk rock’s leading singers and his mates. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.”


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